Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten That Broke You'r Heart A Little

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.
-Books that Broke You'r Heart A Little

(I know I participate in the 'Teaser Tuesday' but I've been wanting to try 'Top Ten Tuesday' for some time now, and today, Valentine's Day, seemed like a perfect time to start!) 

(In no participial order)


10) The Forest of Hands and Teeth- Carrie Ryan 

9) The Giver- Lois Lowry

8) City of Bones and City of Ashes- Cassandra Clare

7) The Notebook:  It's sad, I hope I don't get Alzheimer when I grow old.

6) Eragon: Brom's death was so sad.

5) The Diary of a Young Girl- Anne Frank

4) The Harry Potter series: I was only going to pick the third book, Prisoner of Azkaban , my absolute favorite, but I think each book is kind of sad, in a way.

3) The Way We Fall- Megan Crewe: This was just a heartbreaking book.

2) Darkest Mercy (Wicked Lovely #5): I may be weird by I did tear up at the end, of course I loved this series! 

1) The Mockingjay (The Hunger Games #3): The ending.



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