Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Time Will Come #1

The Time Will Come is a weekly meme hosted by Jodie at Books For Company, I found this while looking for something to post on Thursdays, and thought it was a great idea, who doesn't have books on their shelf TBR? I know I have tons. :)
Want to join in?
-Pick a book you have been meaning to read
-Do a post telling us about the book
-Link the post up in the linky
-Visit the other blogs!
So the time has come to read...
From Goodreads:
The rules for a young English woman in 1799 are simple: Do what you're told; stay out of the way; and don't, under any circumstances, ask questions.

But Constance Blackchurch is insatiable, headstrong, and complex; and the quest to find her missing mother is too much to resist... is Alexandre Sans-Nom, the pearl diver who steals her heart, uproots all of her social expectations, and can either ruin or save the family she loves.

This book has been on my shelf for some time now, it sounds good, I just haven't got around to reading it yet, I will though. :)


Louisa said...

What a pretty cover! And it looks amazing! Read it!!!!!

SarahS said...

Yes, the cover is pretty, its in my TRN (To Read Next) Pile! Thanks for the visit. :)

BooksforCompany said...

Haven't ever heard of a TRN that is a good idea! =)
Thanks for taking part =)

SarahS said...

Thanks, and thanks for the visit! :)


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